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 Certified Course in Project Management

Training from 11th of October 2023 To 13th October 2023- Brunei Darussalam

"Empower Your Projects - Lead with Strategy - Become Certified in Project Management Excellence!"

Elevate your Project Management Skills and become a Strategic Leader in today's competitive business landscape. Our comprehensive training course is designed for professionals who want to excel in project management and Drive Successful Outcomes for their organizations.

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The training equips employees with standardized Project Management Methodologies, Fostering Collaboration, Effective communication, and Streamlined Workflows, leading to optimized resource allocation, Improved Decision-Making, and ultimately, Higher Profitability for the organization and reducing cost through enhanced Project Planning, Execution and Control

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Enhanced Project Management Skills : Our training course is designed to equip you with advanced project management techniques, methodologies, and best practices. You'll learn how to effectively plan, execute, and control projects while ensuring alignment with strategic goals. By mastering these skills, you'll become a highly effective project manager, consistently delivering successful outcomes.

Strategic Mindset : As organizations increasingly prioritize strategic alignment, developing a strategic mindset is crucial for project managers. Our course focuses on cultivating this mindset, allowing you to understand the bigger picture, align projects with organizational objectives, and make informed decisions that drive success

Leadership Development : Project managers are not only responsible for managing tasks and timelines but also for leading teams. Our training program emphasizes leadership development, equipping you with the skills to inspire and motivate your team members, foster collaboration, and navigate complex interpersonal dynamics to achieve project goals.

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Expanded Career Opportunities: With the globally recognized certification you'll earn upon completion of the course, you'll stand out in the competitive job market. The Certified Strategic Project Manager credential demonstrates your expertise and commitment to excellence, opening doors to new career opportunities and advancements.


Professional Networking : Our training course provides you with an excellent platform to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals, project management experts, and industry leaders. Interacting with this diverse community can lead to valuable connections, insights, and future collaborative opportunities.



  • Recognize and interpret the agreed objectives for the project.

  • Understand the phases of a project and the roles of a project manager.

  • Identify and assess major & minor risk factors that can affect the achievement of objectives for the project.

  • Understand the contribution of improved project planning and control to the project

  • management performance of a company.

  • Understand Success Factors and Key Performance Indices (KPIs).

  • Effectively simulate assembling and building a team to complete a project.

  • Identify and analyze areas of their own leadership skills that need to be enhanced for effective project management.

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